School Development

Since its founding in 1995, the University has been committed to the mission of spreading culture overseas. The university nurtures students based in Taiwan who have a worldly perspective while caring for and participating in local public affairs, establishing local humanistic care and social practices, and focusing on international academic exchanges and actions.

Establishing deep roots in the local community and developing perpetually

The university has five colleges, including Shui Sha Lian, humanities, management, science and technology and education; 270 full-time faculty members and 6,000 students. The development of departments and research at our institution takes local needs into consideration. We have established multiple departments closely related to local development, and we are dedicated to planning Southeast Asian-themed teaching programs. We address important issues such as the rights and interests of foreign workers in the local community, the development of new immigrants' livelihoods, and social adaptation. By integrating with the local towns and cities, we strive to create a symbiotic "university town" learning model.

Tailoring Education and Nurturing Expertise

In addition to nurturing talents in specialized academic disciplines, in recent years, there has been an active effort to start interdisciplinary programs that focus on social practices by hiring industry professionals related to local issues. There has also been an emphasis on creating an educational environment that promotes environmental education through practical implementation. Furthermore, recognizing the importance of interdisciplinary learning, there have been ongoing plans to provide vocational training and courses related to professional certifications and practical skills. This will enrich students' learning experiences in interdisciplinary knowledge and innovative practical abilities.

Social Practices and Action Research

The establishment of research centers such as the Southeast Asian Research Center, Aboriginal Cultural Education and Livelihood Development Center, Futuristic High-tech Research Center, and Shui Sha Lian Center for Humanities Innovation and Social Practices, reflects a focus on collaborating with and supporting local development. These centers encourage faculty and students to engage with the community through action-oriented design and practical knowledge, promoting community aesthetics, green economy, neighborly interactions, cultural revitalization, and the establishment of awareness and mechanisms for citizen participation.

Building a Green Environment and Promoting Unique Sports

Situated near the Zhongtan Highway, which leads from Puli to Sun Moon Lake, our campus features vast fields of grass and scenic greenery. It also serves as a habitat for 11 species of frogs, 112 species of butterflies, and is a habitat for pangolins. The campus incorporates green energy, waste reduction initiatives, and smart machinery, making it renowned as a green university worldwide. Taking advantage of our geographical location and environmental resources, the university has developed locally distinctive sports such as rowing, archery, softball, golf, ballroom dancing, tennis, and swimming. We also recruit talented athletes and nurture sports talents, encouraging their participation in domestic and international competitions to bring honor to both our country and the university.

Embracing Southeast Asia and Discovering a New World

The educational emphasis of our university revolves around "Nurturing Shui Sha Lian and Embracing Southeast Asia." “Nurturing Shui Sha Lian" focuses on collaboration between the various academic departments and local public community organizations in Nantou. "Embracing Southeast Asia" aims to connect with diverse learning resources from Southeast Asia. Through off-campus learning, innovative research, student exchanges, and overseas volunteering, we promote academic and practical exchanges, enhance students' international perspectives and internship experiences, and provide ongoing support and guidance for international students, resulting in a continuous increase in the proportion of international students year after year.


Organizational Structure of the University

  • President
  • Vice President
  • University Council
  • Administrative Meeting
    • 💻Administrative System
      • Office of Academic Affairs
      • Office of Student Affairs
      • Office of General Affairs
      • Office of Research and Development
      • Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs
      • Library
      • Computer and Network Center
      • Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety and Health Center
      • Office of Secretariat
      • Office of Personnel
      • Accounting Office
    • 💡Academic System
      • ●College of Humanities
        • Department of Chinese Lanuage and Literature
        • Department of Foreign Lanuages and Literature
        • Department of Social Policy and Social Work
        • Department of Public Policy and Administration
        • Department of Historty
        • Department of Southeast Asian Studies
        • Master Program in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
        • Non-Profit Organization Management Master’s Degree Program
        • Indigenous Culture Industry and Social Work Program for Undergraduate Indigenous Students
        • Master Program of Cultural Creative Industry and Socail Marketing
        • Master Program for Long-Term Care Management
      • ●College of Management
        • International Business Studies
        • Department of Economics
        • Department of Information Management
        • Department of Banking and Finance
        • Department of Toursim Leisure and Hospitality Mangement
        • Executive Master Program of Administration
        • Ph.D. Program in Strategy and Development of Emerging Industries
        • Master Program in Strategy and Development of Emerging Industries
        • Executive Master of Business Administration Cross-Strait Program
        • Interdisciplinary Program of College of Management
      • ●College of Science and Technology
        • Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
        • Department of Civil Engineering
        • Department of Electrical Engineering
        • Department of Applied Chemistry
        • Department of Applied Materials and Optoelectronic Engineering
        • Bachelor of Science and Technology
        • Master’s Program of AI and Robotics
      • ●College of Education
        • Department of International and Comparative Education
        • Department of Educational Policy and Administration
        • Department of Counseling Psychology and Human Resource Development
          • Ph.D Program of Guidance and Counseling
          • Master’s Program of Guidance and Counseling
          • Guidance and Counselling Master's Program Course Catalog in Singapore
          • Master’s Program of Lifelong Learning and Human Resource Development
        • Graduate Institute of Curriculum Instruction and Technology
        • Institute of Lifelong Learning and Human Resource Development
        • Master's Program of Mental Health and Consultation
        • Interdisciplinary Program of Education
      • ●Shui Sha Lian College
        • Local Regeneration and Cross-Disciplinary Governance Master’s program
        • Aesthetic Education Center
        • Societal Participation Education Center
        • Physical Education and Health Education Center
      • ●College of Nursing and Health Welfare
        • Department of Nursing
        • Indigenous People Program in Senior Wellness and Long-term Care Management
      • ●General Education Center
        • Humanities Group
        • Social Sciences Group
        • Natural Sciences Group
        • Athletics Group
      • ●The Affiliated Senior High School of National Chi Nan University
    • 🔍Research System
      • Center for Teacher Education
      • Language Teaching and Research Center
      • Center for Institutional Research
      • Center for Southeast Asian Studies
      • Indigenous Cultural Education and livelihood Development Research Center
      • Advance High-Tech Reseach Center
      • Shui Sha Lian Research Center for Humanities Innovation and Social Practice
      • Center for University Responsibility Ministry of Education
      • Bilingual Education Advocacy Center
      • Education Big Data Center

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