Campus Planning 🏫


(1) Campus Layout

Our university was officially established in 1995 and covers an area of 148 hectares. It is located in the beautiful natural surroundings of Shui Sha Lian, boasting abundant natural landscapes. The campus layout is designed to encompass teaching, research, service, residential, and recreational functions. The basic configuration of the campus buildings is centered around the Learning Hill, which connects the Administration Building and the Library. The pedestrian pathway that runs through the College of Science and Technology serves as a secondary axis. With the coordination of the surrounding roads, the main buildings are constructed.


(2) Planning Features

Architectural Style

The campus buildings follow a traditional Chinese courtyard architectural style. The exterior colors of the buildings are harmonious, and some are designed with traditional Chinese sloping roofs, echoing the majestic and beautiful mountain scenery surrounding the campus. When constructing the campus buildings, great attention was given to the coordination of pedestrian pathways and modern public facilities. Extensive green spaces, planting areas, and recreational spaces, as well as facilities for sewage and waste disposal, were included.


Sustainability and Environmental Protection

Since its establishment, our university has been equipped with pollution prevention and resource recycling facilities. The campus buildings comply with green building standards, with up to 89% of the campus area covered in greenery. The combined area of the campus forest and vegetation reaches 80%. The overall natural ecological environment presented by the campus has become a highlight of our university. Yellow bitterns can be seen throughout the campus, and various birdsongs fill the air. We are within the top 3.2% of green universities in the world. We actively promote green energy policies and have installed solar power generation equipment, producing 10 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually. We are ranked first in solar power generation in Nantou County. In the future, we will continue to implement ecological measures to maintain NCU's sustainable campus environment.

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