School Motto📜

(1) School Name:

"Chi Nan" is derived from the Book of Documents, "Yu Gong": "The east extends to the sea, the west borders the shifting sands, reaching far and wide, its reputation resounds throughout the four seas" Originally had the wish to to spread Chinese culture to various parts of the world.

Jinan Academy, established in Nanjing in 1906, and Jinan University, which was later restructured in Shanghai, both focus on cultivating talents from overseas Chinese community, In 1984, Chairman Bo-Ping Lei of the Alumni Association of Jinan University in Southern California, attended the Overseas Chinese Affairs Conference of the Presidential Office and proposed to resume the school in Taiwan.after many efforts, the National Chi Nan University was established in 1995, we look forward to cultivate educational talents, deeply cultivate overseas Chinese education,and with the word "international", embrace the future and overlook the world.


(2) School Emblem:

The school emblem combines the initials "C" and "N" of Chi Nan, incorporating traditional symmetrical patterns and a representation of the Earth. It symbolizes the functions of overseas Chinese education, overseas support, self-improvement, and the spirit of balance and harmony on Earth. It embodies the school's purpose, educational philosophy, and resonates with the school motto "Sincerity, Simplicity, Perseverance, and Practicality."


(3) School Purpose:

🔹 Strengthening human resource development

🔹 Enhancing the functions of overseas Chinese education

🔹 Promoting international exchanges

🔹 Balancing regional development


(4) School Motto:

Sincerity and Simplicity, Perseverance and Practicality

Sincerity and Simplicity guide one's character, while Perseverance and Practicality uphold one's aspirations.

To pursue knowledge and cultivate oneself is the essence of Perseverance.

To apply knowledge to serve society is the embodiment of Practicality.

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