Journal Articles Delivery Express(JADE)

The library will help user get the articles when you can not download directly from the journal or the embargoed library. Cooperation with the United States University Library, the other also includes Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, more than 100 libraries to participate in resource sharing. Chinese Journal use of NDDS.

  • Eligible UserCurrent faculty, students and staff
  • Application Checklist
  1. Check our online Library Catalog and E-Rescources Gatway first before ordering materials.
  2. Request through JADE Service is available for photocopies of journal articles、book chapters and proceedings papers.
  3. Login to the system with your Library ID Number and Password and fill out the request form.
  4. Please provide a complete and accurate citation. Fill in journal title in full (no abbreviations). Please provide an ISBN or ISSN number whenever possible.
  5. Library will notify you via email when your request arrives in the library for you to pick up.